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Flat shipping fee on all purchases. No weight limit. Learn more!
Saiba qual presente de Dia das Mães escolher para demonstrar todo o seu amor

Know which Mother's Day gift to choose to show all your love

Here you will find:

Finding a Mother's Day gift that is filled with affection is not always easy. Whether it's for your own mother, a mother friend, or the mother of your children. After all, expressing all the love and gratitude we feel for these women seems (almost) impossible!

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day, you don't have to worry anymore. To help you, we have prepared a special selection for this date. There are options of varied Brazilian products, for all tastes and pockets. And, even if she tells you not to worry about this date, the truth is that she loves to feel loved and spoiled by her children.

Now, if your concern is the lack of time to go shopping, you can relax! We are an online Brazilian market that delivers worldwide. But if you are in Los Angeles, and want to personally pick out the gift for your mom, you can come to the physical store.

Either way, one thing is for sure: the perfect gift for this wonderful woman is here, we guarantee it! Come, and we will help you choose.

For taking care of the body

It may sound cliché, but most women love to get a treat to take care of their bodies. As simple as it may be, this is a Mother's Day gift that symbolizes affection and care. It is a loving way to tell this important woman how much you love her. By giving her a cream or perfume, you express how much you want her to feel good and beautiful.

Therefore, we recommend Natura products as gifts. Those who know the brand know that the quality of its cosmetics does not disappoint. Because they are produced with Brazilian raw material, they are unique in the market. In addition, they are manufactured in a sustainable way, in a production chain that values and protects the national biomes.

Among the many items of the brand available at the store, we have highlighted some kits for you to choose from. One of them will surely please your mother:

Complete and scented kits

  1. Sève Almond and Plum BlossomSève Almond and Plum Blossom: contains a body oil and a moisturizing deodorant, and is indicated for women who like floral and intense aromas. With a velvety touch and light texture, it makes bathing a fragrant and pleasant moment of intimacy. When used regularly, the oil and the deodorant help fight dryness, restoring the skin's natural barrier.
  2. Tododia Macadamia: with creamy products based on vegetable oils and macadamia, this kit is a complete ritual of hydration and self-care for the body. It contains a body splash, a moisturizing body cream, a box with five soaps and a beautiful exclusive bag. With its subtle scent, the Macadamia line is ideal for moms of all ages and styles.
  3. Proper Mood: to dress your body with freshness, the kit brings a deo cologne, a moisturizer, and a bar soap in a super cool case. With a light and sweet fragrance, it is perfect for those who like to dare in an irreverent and fun way.
  4. Ekos AndirobaIf your mother is interested in products with a positive social impact, this line is perfect for her. Made with natural andiroba oil from the Amazon, the Ekos kit (with moisturizing pulp, triphasic oil and liquid soap) leaves the skin stronger, hydrated and resistant. By purchasing it, you please mommy, and you also strengthen the income of 2122 families who are guardians of the Amazon Rainforest.
  5. Mamãe & Bebê (Mommy & Baby): a line famous for the delicate touch and delicious scent of its products - made to be used by mother and child. The kit includes cologne, liquid soap, moisturizer and moisturizer tested and approved by pediatricians. Its use promotes a cozy feeling that enriches the moments between the woman and the baby, such as bath time, massage, diaper changing, and lullabies.

dia das maes

To treat hair

Hydrated, shiny, and healthy hair is every woman's dream. For this reason, giving a Mother's Day gift of a hair care product is sure to be a success!

To make your mother even more beautiful and happy with herself, we indicate the items from the Hair Extrattus line. The Brazilian brand invests in innovation and technology to manufacture cosmetics of excellence. Its products follow a rigorous quality standard to promote beauty and well-being to consumers.

This is the case of the Peach, Argan Oil, Avocado, and Babosa & Quinoa lines. Each one has a specific action for the daily hair care routine. With shampoo, conditioner, mask, leave-in, and oil, you have the complete treatment to ensure softness and silkiness. The ends repairer and the ampoules act deeply in the hair cuticle, repairing and nourishing the hair.

Now, if your mother is in the habit of following a capillary schedule to the letter, she will love Skala's creams. Powerful and super-scented, the brand's products went through a formula renewal, and today are 100% based on vegetable components. We have options for each stage of the chronogram - hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction - for hair of all textures, normal or more damaged.

In this article here we explain what the chronogram is, and which Skala creams are indicated. Spoiler of the darlings of the moment: the Skala Brasil Passion Fruit and Oil of Patuá line is used to nourish and rebuild all hair types; and Dona Skala, which can be used as a treatment mask and combing cream.

presente dia das maes

To have great nails

As we have already mentioned here in the Hi Brazil Blog, going to the manicure frequently is a common habit among Brazilian women. However, this type of service can be expensive in other countries, which makes nail maintenance difficult.

To please your mother, you can put together a personalized hand and foot care kit. In it, you can't miss the tools from Mundial: cuticle nippers, clippers, scissors, and a spatula and toothpick. They are made of stainless steel (they do not rust), and have a modern design that makes them easy and safe to use.

Next to the tools, you can put a cuticle softener, some sandpaper, a nail polish remover, and a glycerin soap to use after preparing your nails and cuticles. The icing on the cake is the acai pulp pulp to moisturize the hands.

Then just choose the colors of the nail polishes - give more than one, after all, Mom deserves it! -After all, Mom deserves it! She will love to take care of her nails and have fairy hands!

presente para mae

Because they are amazing

We know that the Mother's Day gift is just a little piece of the affection you want to show her. After all, these great women deserve our love and recognition every day, in the simple gestures of everyday life.

That is why, in addition to the items we show you, there is also international shipping as an option. If your mother is far away, no problem because the remittances are credited in any bank in Brazil very quickly, safely, and guaranteed by Banco Inter. The remittances can be processed in our physical store or via debit card, all very fast and simple! To learn more, contact us by WhatsApp at (424) 310-4913.

Besides, they deserve all the affection, whether in the form of a gift, message, or money... because being a mother is a mission of love and care for life!

And now that you have seen what we have separated for this date, just access the product you like the most by clicking directly here in the article. Remember that we ship worldwide. May your Mother's Day be beautiful!

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