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Saiba como montar o cronograma capilar perfeito com produtos da Skala

Learn how to set up the perfect hair chronogram with Skala products

If there is one thing every woman wishes for, it is to have fabulous hair, like shampoo advertisements. Do you know that great feeling you get after a day at the beauty salon, when you look in the mirror and your hair is hydrated and super shiny? Besides the appearance, feeling that your hair is healthy and tidy gives your self-esteem a boost, and is good for your mental health.

However, going to the salon frequently is no longer a reality for Brazilians who live abroad. This kind of service can be very expensive in other countries, which makes a professionally supported beauty care routine unfeasible.

Therefore, to keep the beauty of your hair up to date it is essential to follow a capillary schedule at home. And, just like salon services, beauty products can be very expensive for people who have emigrated. And the creams and masks made in Brazil are not far behind the gringos in terms of quality and effectiveness.

With this in mind, we have selected the best Skala products - one of the favorite brands of Brazilian women - for you in our Brazilian supermarket online. They are amazing creams specific for each hair type, and for a very affordable price. Below, see how to keep a hair treatment schedule with the ideal Skala cream pot for you.

What is a hair chronogram?

Organizing a hair and skin care routine saves time and money. With the capillary schedule, it is possible to predict the amount of products to be used, avoiding the consumption of unnecessary items. When done with the recommended frequency, the hair stays healthy and you don't wear yourself out with heavy treatments that last for hours.

But after all, what is a hair chronogram? Despite the name inspiring something laborious, the schedule can be quite simple. It is nothing more than a hair care schedule, with specific treatments divided into three stages: hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction. The goal is to recover and maintain hair health for longer.

As each hair has a story, this care routine needs to be customized according to specific needs, taking into consideration factorstaking into consideration factors such as hair history, texture, type of hair, previous damage, and chemical treatments.

Stages of the schedule

To set up your care schedule with the Skala products on our list, you need to know each step of the chronogram:

  • Hydration: Replenishes hair water and fights dryness. The result is silky and soft hair.
  • Nutrition: replenishes nutrients (mainly lipids), reduces frizz, gives shine back to opaque hair and protects the capillary fiber.
  • Reconstruction: replenishes protein (keratin), fights the elastic effect, closes the cuticle, and strengthens the hair fiber, ending broken hair.

Now that you know the steps, it is time to recognize how your hair is and what it needs to set up your schedule. You can do a porosity test (picture) - place a strand of hair in a small pot of water:

  1. If the strand sinksIf the hair shaft sinks, it means that it is very porous, and you need to do more reconstruction of the fiber.
  2. If the thread neither sinks norr, it will be necessary to replenish the nutrients nutrients so that the hair does not become opaque or brittle.
  3. And if the hair floatsit means that it is not very porous but it needs hydration.

It sounds complicated, but believe me: it's not! Once the schedule is set up and the Skala products are in the bathroom box, it's super easy to follow. The secret is to alternate the treatments on the days and weeks. And you will only need to do this step by step three days a week (picture):

So if you wash your hair every day, you can choose the days that you will do the steps of the chronogram after washing your hair and on the other days just use the conditioner. See below the Skala products according to the steps of the chronogram:

Let's go from Skala Potion

Entering a cosmetics store can be a dream or a nightmare. That is why we chose products from Skala - a Brazilian brand with tradition and quality recognized by the public - to facilitate the organization of your treatment.

Whatever the Skala Potion chosen, you can trust that it is the best alternative, both in effectiveness and in economy. This is because, in addition to the value, the brand's creams are free of paraben, sulfate, silicones, and petrolatum, chemical components that are harmful to the body when used over the long term. Oh, and they are 100% vegan and cruelty free - in other words, they are not tested on animals:


Weak and lifeless hair: Vitamin Bomb with Hyaluronic Acid;

Chemical hair: Coconut Oil;

All hair types: Skala Expert Corn Starch;


Wavy: Dona Skala;

Opaque strands: Ceramides Vitality and Shine;

All hair types: Fade;

Dry and lifeless hair: Crystal Bath;


Straight hair: Potão Straighter

Curly and curly: Curly Divine Combing Cream

Damaged hair: Potion of Love

Each product has a specific mode of use, indicated on the packaging. To obtain the desired effect, it is essential to follow the instructions and respect the time and form of application of the cream. If you want to enhance your schedule, you can use the shampoos and conditioners of the brand to cleanse the hair. Remembering that washing is super important, and should be done according to the current characteristics of your hair: if it is greasy or dry, with split ends, brittle, etc.

Diva hair

So, have you learned how to use Skala products to create and follow your own capillary schedule? So that you don't forget the steps, just make a small paste from the charts we've put here, and leave it very visible in your bathroom. In one month you will have the diva hair you've always dreamed of - and the best part: with very little money!

Now just fill your virtual cart here at the Hi Brazil store with the Skala jar of your choice, and wait for your purchase to arrive. All our supermarket items are safely and quickly shipped to anywhere in the world. And if you want to join our Rewards Page, it is worth it! Let's go shopping!

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