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Flat shipping fee on all purchases. No weight limit. Learn more!
Flat shipping fee on all purchases. No weight limit. Learn more!

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Everything about the most complete Brazilian market online

Here you will find:

  • A marketplace of nostalgia
    • Brazilian products online
      • Brazilian nostalgia
    • Brazilian marketplace physical store version
      • Brazilian goods for the whole planet

    A market of nostalgia Brazilian products online Brazilian nostalgia Brazilian market physical store version Brazilian goods for the whole planet

    Did you know that about 3 million Brazilians live outside of Brazil? Now, imagine all these people missing the tastes, smells, and textures of their homeland. It is a lot of people, really! Lucky for them, the Brazilian online marketplace Hi Brazil is super complete, and and ships to the entire planet with just one click.

    Active since 1996, Hi Brazil pleases consumers for the quantity and quality of its products. There are more than 3 thousand items, including food, cosmetics, kitchenware, accessories, beverages and sweets. Almost everything is made in Brazil, and available to customers around the world. In addition, we have Brazilian products in the United States.

    Despite shipping to other countries, it was in the United States that we created ties and also set up our physical store. After all, there are 1.8 million Brazilians living in the land of Uncle Samwith large concentrations in Florida; Massachusetts; California; New Jersey, and New York. And it is in California, the state with the third largest Brazilian community in the USA, and where about 45.7 thousand Brazilians live, that Hi Brazil's physical store is located.

    Besides the store, Hi Brazil is an online Brazilian marketplace with with international reach. In this article we will show you which Brazilian merchandise we have found in order to serve the millions of homesick Brazilians around the world.

    A marketplace of nostalgia

    More than a simple commerce, we are an online Brazilian marketplace that brings good memories to those who miss Brazil. Each product in our store has a captive place in the hearts of Brazilians. The coffee with the smell of homeThe coffee with the smell of home, the powder cookies with the taste of childhood, the sweets that can't be missed at parties, the slippers that everyone loves and usesThe white rice that accompanies our daily meals. Just reading this makes the memory go far away!

    Just like Brazilians, foreigners are also fans of the local cuisine. Some dishes are already quite famous among the gringos, such as feijoada, caipirinha, barbecue, and even acarajé. Others, however, are only known by people born and raised in Brazil.

    This is the case of brigadeiro, cheese bread, dulce de leche, tapioca, couscous, açaí, and so many other typically Brazilian flavors. These are the products 100% made in Brazil that arouse desire and longing in those who are far from home.

    Besides the imported goods, we also offer products such as drumsticks, cakes, pastries and sweets, made in the USA by Brazilians who live in the country.. In other words: guaranteed origin and quality!

    Brazilian products online

    As a matter of fact, homesickness is the driving force behind Hi Brazil. And it is to satisfy our homesickness that we to bring items from several categories to compose the routine of Brazilians and non-Brazilians living abroad. Our virtual store is divided into the following categories

    • Basic Foods: rice; grains; flours; mixes for desserts and cakes; pastas; corn starch; tapioca; kibbeh wheat; canjiquinhaç etc.
    • Gift Ideas: chocolate kits; Natura product kits; etc.
    • Beverages & Breakfasts: coffee; chocolate drinks; teas; coconut water; mate; Maguary juices; gooseberry; Guarana Antarctica; etc.
    • Cookies, Cookies & Toasts: Polvilho cookie; Maizena and Maria cookie; cream cracker cookie; stuffed cookies; sweet popcorn; etc.
    • Canned Goods & Preserves: canned vegetables; hearts of palm; jellies; olives; condensed milk; heavy cream; etc.
    • Personal Care & Beauty: soap (Phebo, Natura); cosmetics (Natura, Salon Line, Neutrox); hygiene items; medicines (Dorflex; Engov); ointments; etc.
    • Sweets & Candies: chocolate bars; bonbons; brigadeiro; dulce de leche; guava; candies; cocadas; paçocas; bananinha; roll cake; sweets; etc.
    • Havaianas: Brazil's sandals that are loved all over the world, in several colors, prints and models for the whole family;
    • Sauces and SeasoningsSauces and Seasonings: various pepper sauces; dende oil-based sauce; garlic sauce; powdered seasonings (Bahia seasoning, rosemary, basil, chimichurri, etc.); chili pepper; ready-made seasoning for meats and barbecue; tea leaves; bay leaves; etc;
    • Nostalgia Brazil: Brazilian team T-shirts; T-shirts for the whole family; yokes; bags; accessories; Brazil flags of various sizes; objects for the home and other items with the colors and prints of Brazil.
    • Kitchen & cooking utensils: baking pans; barbecue skewers; clay filter; pressure cookers; cloth strainer; party items; etc.
    • Wine & Beer: Casa Valduga wines (red, white, moscatel, sparkling); and Leopoldina beers; both made in Brazil.

    Besides the items in these categories, we present varied merchandise with the face and colors of Brazil. See below the special finds of the series "Saudades do Brasil".

    Brazilian nostalgia

    A Brazilian online marketplace worth its salt has to have green and yellow products, right? Besides, we have the flag in several shapes and sizes, for all tastes and pockets. There is the classic classic version to hang on the wall and decorate and decorate the house, printed in high quality polyester. For those who prefer something more discreet, there are the hand flags e for the car in addition to the stickers.

    Likewise, the other products bring the joy of the green flag and the Brazilian yellow. For soccer fans, the Brazilian national team jersey is a must-have item. And here in Hi Brazil there is a shirt for everyone men, women and children!

    For those who love prints, the clothes - shirts, pants and tops - decorated with the colors of the decorated with the colors of the flag make the look high mood, just like the Brazilians like it. There are even clothes for your pet to get in the mood!

    Finally, the accessories - earrings, bracelets, caps, bags, key chains, and beach canvas - give that special touch for those who like something more subtle. They are also a good gift option for that person who admires the country's culture and colors.

    Brazilian market physical store version

    As we said at the beginning our products can be shipped all over the world. But if you live in California, you can come visit our store, and take a closer look at our products. We are located at 2418 Artesia Blvd #A, in Redondo Beach.

    Another option available for those who are in California is to place an order through the site, and pick it up in the physical store. Just make the purchase on the site and wait for the notification (in up to 2 hours, on average) to pick it up at the store. Fast and practical!

    Brazilian goods for the whole planet

    A Brazilian online marketplace that sends guava paste, manioc flour, Sonho de Valsa bonbons, and Pilão coffee to anywhere in the world! To meet the growing number of Brazilians living abroad, we have improved our shipping policy. Thus, we are able to send the most beloved Brazilian products safely, and in a good time.

    Furthermore, our eyes and ears are always open to what you miss the most. Our catalog is constantly updated, with the goal of bringing you quality products, and special items for the commemorative dates. When browsing the store, you will find the best national brands - Pilão; Amafil; Catupiry; Antârtica; Koppenhagen; Koppenhagen; Maguary; Yoki; Natura; Lacta, Havaianas among others - and a huge variety of merchandise.

    Now that you know a little more about us, feel free to browse the store. Let the desire and longing speak louder, and enjoy the products that only we Brazilians know how to make! Visit the site of your favorite Brazilian online market right now.