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🎄 Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🎄
🎄 Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🎄
Assista aos jogos do Brasil na Copa do Mundo em grande estilo!

Watch Brazil's World Cup games in style!

If there is something that can unite Brazilians at any moment in history, it is the Men's Soccer World Cup. It doesn't matter if you are a Flamenguista, a Corinthians supporter, or not into soccer: when Brazil's matches in the World Cup take place, we become fanatical fans of the Brazilian national team!

At this moment, thousands of Brazilians around the planet anxiously await the debut of the five-time champion team. Those who live in Brazil have some advantages, such as leaving work earlier to watch the game. They can also count on an infinite number of green-yellow accessories and decorations to give them that festive and cheerful look that is so fitting for the World Cup season.

Brazilians who are abroad, on the other hand, do not always have cool options to dress up or decorate their houses on game days. Thinking about this, we have gathered in our Brazilian online marketplace - the best products for you to cheer for the game. that ships to the whole world! - the best products for you to cheer for Brazil in style.


If you intend to watch the game at home or have already planned an outing with your friends, first of all you need to know the dates of Brazil's games in the World Cup.

The championship will be hosted in Qatar, the first country in the Middle East to be chosen to host the games. Qatar has a time zone 6 hours ahead of Brasilia time, 7 hours ahead of Miami and 10 hours ahead of Los Angeles. The opening of the World Cup is scheduled for November 20th, Sunday, at 1 pm (EST) with the opening match between the host country and Ecuador.


Brazil is one of the members of Group G, along with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon. In the first phase of the tournament, the national team will play against the countries of its group. So that you do not forget, take note of the days when Brazil takes the field at the beginning of the championship:

  • Brazil x Serbia - Thursday, November 24 at 4 pm (Brasília time);
  • Brazil-Switzerland - Monday, November 28th, at 10am (Brasília time);
  • Brazil - Cameroon - Friday, December 2 at 4 pm (EST).

For the team coached by Tite to make it past the first round, it will have to be one of the two countries in the group to score more points. If so, the team will remain in the competition and new matches will be scheduled.

Now that you know when Brazil's first games in the World Cup will take place, check out the following products that we have separated for you to decorate yourself during these days.

Wearing the jersey

The Brazilian team's jersey has become one of the biggest symbols of the country. So much so that soccer fans of all nationalities wear the green-yellow jersey, in admiration for Brazil's history in the World Cup.

Here at Hi Brazil we have pieces and sets that resemble the official uniform of the national team players. There are different models for you to literally wear the jersey on the days of the matches.

For those who embody the player's spirit, the adult set is the best choice. Composed of shirt and shorts, the kit has the design of the official uniform, and fits both men and women.

Mini fans

Likewise, the kids set is inspired by the clothes of the 2022 national team players. A bright blue shirt and white shorts make the little ones look happy and fun. The plain set with 2022 design features a yellow shirt and blue shorts, a classic that looks great on both girls and boys.

And if the set of shorts and shirt is not to your liking, the children's themed dress is a great option. Fresh and cheerful, it can also be worn on other occasions, such as September 7th.

And to play during the games, a metallic balloon and a rag doll will do the trick. After all, cheering has to be taken as a game.

They also cheer!

Dressing up as a football player may be too much for women. And we know that not everyone feels comfortable wearing a soccer uniform. In this case, just a T-shirt or baby look with the flag design is enough to show support and admiration for the national team during Brazil's games in the World Cup.

Fans can bet on the models that resemble the uniform of the women's team. Both the CBF Arpa shirt and the dry fit one wear very well on the body, and match with the comfortable jeans that everyone has in their closet.

Similarly, the more discreet can bet onthe nail polishes of the singer Anitta inspiredby the World Cup. With quick drying and long duration, the colors give a festive look to the look.

Collecting and cheering

When it comes to the World Cup, everyone is waiting for the sticker album. And those who think this is something for kids are wrong! Adults indulge in nostalgia, and collect the pictures with the same love as they cheer for Brazil's games in the World Cup.

Because it is such a fever, we have made available in our online Brazilian marketplace the official album of the tournament and the stickers. You can buy both at once and we deliver them anywhere on the planet. Then you can look for a group of fan collectors to exchange the repeated images, and watch the match together.

A green-yellow touch

If you are going to watch the games at home, you can add some items to create that stadium atmosphere. The Brazilian flag is a must: here we have several models and sizes: for the car, for the wall, and tiny, to be waved after every goal scored by the national team.

Similarly, beer is indispensable on game days. To make it different, how about watching the soccer match drinking Leopoldina, a gourmet beer, or Brazil's number 1 Brahma? And to spice things up, serve the cold beer in a bucket decorated with the colors of the country. It's a fine thing!

Together with the beer, a tray of appetizers goes very well. Bet on green-yellow foods, such as green olives, provolone cheese cubes, Japanese peanuts, yellow snacks, pickles, herb pâté, and the classic Torcida snacks!

The game is about to begin!

There are only a few days left until Brazil's games in the World Cup, and around here the anxiety is great. If you already know where you are going to watch the first game, you can start preparing yourself by browsing our site. Besides the products we mentioned here, we have other items with the face and colors of Brazil.

If you are not yet in the World Cup mood, there is still time to get excited for the opening game of the Brazilian team. We ship worldwide, and we also have products available at our physical store, located in Redondo Beach, California, USA. Our love for soccer and the national team is like our shipping policy: no limits!

Start preparingnow for Brazil's games in the World Cup. After all, if the hexa comes, we will be ready (and dressed up!) to celebrate with our genuine joy, singing: "I am Brazilian, proudly, with much love!

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