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Como aproveitar a Black Friday (e a Cyber Monday) para matar a saudade do Brasil

How to take advantage of Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) to feel nostalgic for Brazil

We have reached the month of November, and with it comes one of the most awaited dates by retailers and consumers alike: the famous Black Friday. The date brings benefits that often extend throughout the month. Thus, customers can take advantage and guarantee that much-awaited and desired item - with the discount that everyone likes - before the year ends.

Have you ever wondered where Black Friday came from and how exactly it works? In today's article we tell you all about it. To top it all off, we show you what Hi Brazil's Black Friday has in store for you, the Brazilian customer spread all over the US and the rest of the world who misses what comes from home. Let's get to it!

What is Black Friday, anyway?

Black Friday is the name adopted by the market for the discount season that occurs during the month of November. Having been used subsequently by several countries in the world, it started in the USA and its main day is the one that comes right after the American Thanksgiving holiday.

Since its inception, Black Friday has been considered one of the best times for retailers' revenues and consumers' savings. It is advantageous for attracting more customers and making more sales, and for the consumer, who often literally rushes to the stores to secure merchandise at heavily discounted prices before the rush to Christmas and other year-end festivities.

Especially on the day of Black Friday itself, with the possibility of making more profit than perhaps during the rest of the year, many stores even open hours in advance to attract more customers. In turn, those who arrive to do the shopping sometimes get lower prices than in the Christmas promotions.

In Brazil, the first Black Friday event took place in 2010, entirely online through the e-commerce of 50 major retailers, and hit its sales record in 2013, with a turnover of about R$ 770 million reais only considering internet sales.

Among the most sought-after products with the most discounts are televisions and cell phones, and in view of a gain of R$ 1.2 billion reais generated on Black Friday 2014, the consultancy E-Bit began to officially consider it as one of the most profitable promotion seasons for the Brazilian market.

More discounts with Cyber Monday

Still in the wave of discounts promoted by Black Friday, there is also Cyber Monday (Cyber Monday, in English), in which promotions and greatly reduced prices are especially directed to products sold via e-commerce. Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving and was created as a marketing strategy in 2005.

As it happens in the United States, the discounts offered by Brazilian e-commerce retailers reach 80%. Sales in Brazil are greatly boosted by the proximity of the end-of-year festivities and the payment of the 13th salary. On both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers living in Brazil are protected against price fraud by rules created by the Câmara e-net and by agencies such as Procon.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Hi Brazil

If you think you won't be able to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions when buying Brazilian products from us, you are wrong! Hi Brazil will also offer discounts during this period for those who are from Brazil and abroad, or who are from abroad and are curious about what comes from there.

In our promotion, purchases over $50 get 5% off, and those over $120 get 10% off starting on Black Friday, which this year will be on November 25th. These discounts will extend throughout the site until Cyber Monday on November 28, so why not take advantage?

What to buy from Hi Brazil during the promotion?

Those who already shop with us know that our range of products is varied and includes everything from foodstuffs to beauty items and housewares -all with the quality brands and flavor that only Brazil can offer, and which the Brazilian public misses so much when they are in the US and other places in the world.


If you enjoy a good glass of wine and a quality sparkling wine during the holidays and want to honor the Brazilian vineyards even from afar, here on the site you will find products from the traditional and renowned winery Casa Valduga.

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, limited edition wines are much less expensive. This is the case of Maria Valduga, a rosé brut sparkling wine bottled in only 3 thousand units. Those who like white wine can reserve the Brut130a chardonnay sparkling wine created to celebrate the 130 years of the winery. These are for you, but also as a gift hint for friends and other special people.


If the idea is more for personal care, you can take advantage of discounts on sets and single items from the Brazilian perfume house Natura. On the site you can find perfumes, creams, and soaps to boost your well-being.

With the Black Friday discount, you can get amazing kits, such as Black Orchid and Lemongrass and Mint. The first comes with three products from Sève Natura Almond Oil in a super special lilac fabric case. The second, from the Natura Todo Dia line, has a body splash, a bath cream and moisturizing vegetable soaps.

And for the mommies on duty, the items of the classic Natura Mamãe & Bebê line are super cheap on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can buy at once the massage oil, the cologne, and the liquid soap. Babies thank you!

Essential Oils

The essential oil fever has spread scents and good fluids all over the world. To cater to consumers who like to use the oils in their daily lives, we highlight doTERRA productsan integrative health and wellness company.

So if you are not yet familiar with the properties and benefits of oils, you can start with a starter kit. The box comes with one lavender, one lemon, and one peppermint oil. In addition to these essences, there are other options: one of them is sure to please your sense of smell.

Healthy hair

For hair needs, whether straight, curly, or dry and damaged, we have complete cleansing and treatment lines from Hair Extrattus, whose quality increasingly stands out nationally and internationally.

The products of the Cachos (Curls) lineThe essential oils, for example, can be used on wavy, curly, and frizzy hair. The items in the Aloe Vera and Quinoa collection are indicated for all hair, as they promote hydration and healthy growth.

Besides Hair Extrattus, we also have lines from Salon Line, another brand loved by Brazilian women. For tangled and lifeless hair, the indication is the line S.O.S Bombawhose products contain vitamin A, D-Pantenol and Whey Protein in the formulation. Curly girls who know the Tô de Cacho line can buy shampoo, conditioner, mask and definition gel at once, taking advantage of the discount.

World Cup

Those who are into the World Cup must have already read our special article about the games with amazing products. If you haven't read it yet, click here and see what we have prepared to cheer the Brazilian national team.

Among the thematic items, the star of the team is the 2022 World Cup Qatar sticker album. You can purchase the album at HI Brazil, your favorite online Brazilian marketplace, and buy the stickers between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Then, just complete the selected teams while watching the World Cup on TV, cheering for Brazil! Not to mention the traditional popcorn and soda during the games and the beer at the barbecue with friends.

Plan your purchases

By choosing your products in advance, you can take advantage of discounts throughout the store during Black Friday through Cyber Monday! This is the ideal time to buy Christmas gifts and treats. We already have panettones available in the store, from Bauducco, Kopenhagen, and Ofner. Choose your favorite, and wait until November 25 to take advantage of the discount.

And, as you already know, we are the Brazilian online marketplace that ships your purchases to any corner of the United States and even the world. We guarantee fast and safe delivery for those who want to have a little bit of Brazil wherever they are. And, if you prefer, you can also stop by our physical store in Redondo Beach, California. It will be a pleasure to welcome you there - you can find the address on our website!

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