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Ideias para um brunch de comemoração de 7 de setembro

Ideas for a September 7th Celebration Brunch

Brazil's Independence Day is one of the national holidays with the greatest historical relevance for the country. Although it is not celebrated with the same enthusiasm as the 4th of July, a September 7th celebration is a way to strengthen the bond with the homeland, especially for those who emigrated.especially for those who emigrated.

Incorporating the Brazilian calendar into the routine often requires creativity, after all, you can't always find the necessary items to celebrate the date as tradition dictates. Fortunately, Independence Day is wide open to the imagination, since the only formality of the date are the parades organized in the cities.

In this sense, we bring to you some ideas ideas to prepare a very Brazilian brunch to mark September 7th in your calendar. You can already invite your family and friends, and let us help you organize the rest.

Brunch, a morning party

Preparing a brunch to celebrate September 7th is simpler than it seems. The main rule for a good event is abundance. Since brunch is a longer breakfast that extends into the morning, it needs to have several food and drink options. After all, it is a meal that encompasses two, coffee and lunch.

Therefore, it is essential to make a checklist to organize your morning party. This way, you ensure everything you need to have a smooth and enjoyable event with the ones you love. Let's get to the preparations:

  • Guests: first of all, you need to know how many people the brunch will be for. Make a list of the guests - and, if possible, ask for confirmation before you do the shopping. Check if there are people with dietary restrictions, such as intolerants and vegetarians, for example;
  • Entrées: bet on the variety of cookies, toasts, and snacks to leave at the disposal of guests who arrive first. Also serve jams and jellies to be spread on bread.
  • Dishes: besides morning recipes, it is worth incorporating dishes such as salads, pies (salty and sweet), and quiches. Avoid options that require immediate preparation, such as tapioca, for example.
  • Fruits: if you don't want to have a fruit salad assemble a basket with seasonal fruits and leave it at the table. Serve granola, oatmeal and honey for guests to add, if they wish.
  • Beverages: the more options, the better! Yogurts, chocolate drinks, juices, iced tea, hot tea, and, of course, coffee.

Besides the food and drinks, what will make your brunch charming and very Brazilian is the ambiance of the space. A harmonious decoration and a nice playlist make all the difference. You can invest in green and yellow artifacts to make the brunch more patriotic.

As a musical background, bet on a selection of loud songs, but at a volume adequate for the interaction of the guests. Our suggestion is to play national classics of MPB and bossa-nova. You can't go wrong!

Local style

Once the list of who's coming to the brunch is made, now it's time to create. For the September 7th celebration to be very Brazilian, we have separated some recipes of Brazilian morning classics, such as couscous, cheese bread, and cornmeal cake.

Polenta powder cake

Just thinking about the smell of cornmeal cake coming out of the oven, the imagination goes far away! Tasted all over Brazil, the polenta flour cake has its origin in the colonial period, when wheat was not part of the Brazilian diet. Already the fubáwhich is a fine maize flour, was much more widespread in the country.

In this recipe, the chef and presenter Rita Lobo teaches how to make the traditional cornmeal cake with anise. Besides being easy to prepare - because it is made in a blender -, it is an economical recipe. It takes mimosa cornmeal, flour, milkmilk, eggs, oil, baking powder, ingredients that we usually have at home. The special thing is the fennel seedsseeds, which cannot be missing! They are the ones that give that irresistible and characteristic aroma to the cornmeal cake.

Equally easy and practical, this cornmeal cake with guava from Monica Vargas is a paradise! Made with almost all the ingredients of the classic recipe, this one brings the different guava chunksthat must be added before the cake goes into the oven. Once it's ready, just pour a fresh cup of coffee over it and enjoy.

Stuffed cheese bread

They say that Brazil is the country of feijoada, but it is actually the country of cheese bread. Big, small, toasted, pure, with butter: everybody likes it, each one in its own way. And if you are far away from home, you can be at peace that here in our Brazilian market there is always cheese bread!

Whether in the frozen option or as a preparation mixbeing cheese bread, it's good. To vary the presentation a bit, and enhance your September 7 brunch, how about serving it stuffed? The possibilities for stuffing are endless, and should be incorporated into the preparation of the ready mix cheese bread.

If you want to fill the bread roll with chicken or shredded meat, ideally, the mixture should be slightly chilled so that it can be molded together with the cheese bread dough. Just open the middle of the ball, add a portion of the filling, close it, and bake.

Similarly, cheese bread with catupiry or cream cheese requires the filling to be a little frozen to facilitate the molding. Put small spoonfuls of cream cheese in a dish, and leave it in the freezer for a few hours. When the cheese is firm, it is ready to be added to the cheese bread ball.

Want to make it easier to prepare? Bake the cheese bread without filling as usual, open the balls and add your favorite topping. You can use fruit jam, dulce de lechepeanut butter and even pepper sauce!


Just like cornmeal, the corn flour flakes is very popular in the Northeast of the country. It is the base of the famous northeastern couscous, but it is also used in the preparation of cakes, pies, and other dishes.

Making couscous is very easy: just hydrate the flour - previously seasoned with salt - with water to the point of becoming a moist farofa. Once hydrated, this dough must be placed in the couscous makerin order to fill it. To make it stuffed, place half the dough, add the filling, and complete with the rest of the couscous.

The secret is in the accompaniment or filling. For vegetarians, you can stuff the couscous with zucchini pesto or a mix of tomato, onion, oregano and oregano and grated cheese, a la pizza margherita.

Meat lovers, on the other hand, can try fillings with bacon, sausage, dried meatchicken, and so on. The filling must be creamy to contrast with the dry texture of the couscous.

To avoid making a mistake: saute onion and garlic in a little oil, add the already cooked meat - in the case of dried meat or chicken - and season with spices such as saffron, chimichurri or paprika. If it is bacon or sausage, cut it into small pieces and fry it. You can brown the onion in the fat that forms in the pan. Add some creamAdd a little cream, correct the salt, and turn off immediately after, so as not to let it boil.

Then just add the filling to the couscous, and you're done. As a side dish, serve scrambled eggs or a cherry tomato salad. It is delicious!

That special touch

Your brunch to celebrate September 7 can have a few different things, to please Brazilians and foreigners. We have separated some options to give a special touch to your breakfast:

Stuffed barquets

Ready to eat tartlets and straws are crunchy and versatile.. In addition, they decorate the table, giving an air of celebration. To serve, just fill the barquets with the filling of your choice, either sweet or savory.

Bet on a gorgonzola and apricot filling: prepare a pâté by mixing in a food processor 350g of gorgonzola cheese and ½ box box of heavy cream (keep adding the cream until it reaches the pâté point). Assemble the barquette or tartlets with the pâté, being careful not to exceed the edge. Finally, place an apricot and a toasted almond in each one, and it's ready to serve.

Now, if you like practicality in the kitchen, one option is to prepare tartelets or tartlets or straws with ready-made jams and jellies. You can make a tartalete mineirinha, with dulce de leche and white cheese. Or a barquette with red fruit jam and chopped strawberry. Even a straw with brigadeiro with a spoonspoonful of brigadeiro, topped with granulated chocolate.

Light and refreshing drinks

Besides the variety of juices and teas, brunch calls for something more elaborate. As the event extends beyond the morning, it is common to serve drinks made with sparkling wine or white wine.

This is the case with Mimosa, a drink made with sparkling wine and orange juice. The measure is 150mL of sparkling wine; 50 mL of orange juice, ice, and Sicilian lemon twist. Place the ingredients in a cocktail shaker minus the twist and mix gently. Finish with the twist in sparkling wine glasses.

In the same way, the sangria is refreshing and goes well with brunch. This Spanish-origin drink is easy to make. Its base is red wineIts base is red wine, tonic water, orange juice, fruit, and lots of ice.

Now, if you want a non-alcoholic event, invest in whole fruit juicesjuice, made only with fruit. Besides being healthy, they are tasty and invigorating.

Organize everything without leaving home

To organize your September 7th celebration, you don't have to mobilize much, no! Here at your brazilian market online, you can buy everything without leaving home. We ship the products to the whole world.

And if you are short of time and have no way to prepare the recipes, you can invest in cakesyou can invest in cakes, cookies, toast e drinks for your brunch. Our breakfast line brings those products most loved by Brazilians, that never disappoint!

Just like the adults, children will love to have at their table Toddynho, powder cookie, guava, stuffed cookieamong other sweet treats. Whether Brazilians or foreigners, your guests will love to celebrate Independence Day with you. Start shopping now, and enjoy brunch!

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