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17 ideias de presente de Dia dos Pais para surpreender seu pai

17 Father's Day gift ideas to surprise your dad

"A father is worth more than a hundred teachers." In fact, having a father present is the certainty of having a counselor and a wise teacher close by. A father is one who listens and guides, who encourages and supports, who teaches how to deal with life's adversities. He is always there, ready for a friendly word or a necessary tug of the ear. Even because, after a scolding, a father always has a hug in reserve to cuddle his child.

That's why we brought some Father's Day gift ideas for you to show all your love and appreciation for your father. They are varied options that fit in your pocket and that will certainly warm the heart of your big daddy (or daddy, big daddy, daddy, old man...). See below what we have separated for you:

Good cup

Men love to be gifted with a different beer or wine, be it for Father's Day or any other date. It may sound cliché these Father's Day gift ideas, but if it's cliché, it's because it works! And this is one of those gifts that everyone enjoys: the giver, the receiver, the partygoer...

For the good-hearted father, a gourmet beer or a good wine is worth more than expensive gifts without personality. In our Brazilian market we have drinks produced in Brazil, in the Vale dos Vinhedos region, Rio Grande do Sul.

This is the case of Casa Valduga wines and beers, which carry the tradition of an Italian winemaking family. These beverages are made with high quality raw material, starting with the grapes, grown in the Valley. By choosing one of these drinks, you not only guarantee your father a quality gift, but you also value the excellent national production.


Among the options of wines available, we highlight the Villa-Lobos Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a full-bodied, vigorous wine, with a marked fruity aroma and a soft touch of spices. It was made in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Brazilian maestro Heitor Villa-Lobos. It pairs well with pasta with spicy sauces, mature cheeses, and meats in general.

For those who prefer white wine, we have Chardonnay and Sauvignon-Blanc. Terroir Sauvignon-Blanc is refreshing, light, with a soft fruit aftertaste. On the other hand, the Chardonnay Origin is drier, but with a soft texture, and leaves a fresh fruit taste in the mouth, thanks to the quality of the Chardonnay grapes. Both go well with salads, white meats, and light cheeses.

Equally tasty, Casa Valduga liqueur red wine 1875 is perfect for dessert time. Made from a blend between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the liqueur wine presents ripe fruit, plum, and spices, along with hints of tobacco and cocoa. It goes well with sweets and chocolates with a high cocoa concentration, and blue cheeses.

Now, if you really want to impress your dad, the Maria Valduga Rosé brut sparkling wine will do the trick. With only 3,000 bottles available, the sparkling wine is creamy and brings a combination of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. It is a versatile drink, and goes well with canapés, seafood, and light dishes.


Is your dad one of those Homer Simpson types who can't do without a cold beer? So, instead of giving a common American beer, invest in a good Brazilian label. This is one of the Father's Day gift ideas that values your father and, as a bonus, strengthens the national production.

Leopoldina beers, for example, please even the most literate in the art of beer tasting. For the more modern dads, bet on a witbier - made from wheat and malted barley - or a pale ale.

But if your dad is one of those who can't do without a good pilsen, the Gourmet Pilsener Extra is perfect for the occasion. Light, without being watery, it has a soft collar and an aroma with fruity notes. It is also super versatile, and goes well alone or with meats and cheeses.


To give a present to a dad who loves to say he is Brazilian - "with a lot of pride and love" - there is nothing better than a gift with the colors and face of Brazil. So, we have separated some Father's Day gift ideas that we have here in our Brazilian market for you to choose from:

  1. T-shirts: It is impossible to displease the big daddy with a T-shirt printed with the face of Brazil. It can be one with a print of the 2024 World Cup, or with an illustration that highlights the beauties of our country. You can even dress the pet with the colors of the flag!
  2. Accessories: Does your dad like to show everyone his love for Brazil? Then this bucket to cool drinks is perfect for him! Now, if he is more discreet, a keychain of the Brazilian national teamis a very special treat, especially if he is a soccer fan.
  3. Flags: For that dad who really enjoys the green and yellow combination, there are flags of all kinds: big, small, for the car, with special design for the World Cup... choose without fear!
  4. Havaianas: Everybody wears them because everybody loves them! The classic model with the little flag of Brazil goes with everything, from the beach to family lunches in the hottest days. There is the basic black, which never disappoints. There are the nautical blue and ultramarine, which are more cheerful. There is the gray one, which is super stylish. And there's the red one, very casual and different.

As well as the pieces and accessories that recall Brazil, there are certain perfume and personal care items that are full of nostalgia. Below are the very Brazilian products that we have separated for your dad to be smelly and happy.

Perfumed and moisturized

For families and couples who have emigrated, being able to count on Natura products outside Brazil is a real privilege. After all, those who have already used the brand's soaps, creams, and perfumes know that, besides the quality, the scents are unique.

Thisis the case of Kaiak, one of the brand's best-known male perfumes. With a light and, at the same time, striking fragrance, Kaiak crosses generations. Therefore, this is one of the Father's Day gift ideas for both first-time and more mature dads.

Likewise, the soaps are a great choice for the big daddy who likes to smell good. Among the various options available on the site, the kit with 4 açaí and andiroba soaps from Natura Ekos stands out. Besides perfuming, the soaps have moisturizing and exfoliating action.

Equally scented is the Natura TodoDia Banho kit with the scent of lemongrass and mint. The energy of lemongrass harmonizes with the freshness of mint, and gives the products a light and natural scent. The kit comes with five soaps, a bath cream, and an after bath body splash, in a charming packaging.

But if he won't give up more traditional products, you can put together a gift box with assorted Phebo soaps. I'm sure he'll love it!

Your dad deserves it

Whether he's far away or close by, young or old, a father by blood or by breeding: he deserves affection and affection. That's why the Father's Day gift is so symbolic! It shows all your love for the one who gives you advice, support, and shows you the right path on the road of life.

And even if you can't deliver this gift live, our Brazilian market online ships worldwide! So, instead of leaving it to the last minute, take advantage of the tips we have brought in this article, and add the product you like to your cart. This way, you'll have time for the gift to arrive on the date.

We are a Brazilian market specialized in Brazilian products that have been present in our lives for a long time. We are based in Redondo Beach, California, but we ship to all countries. Browse through the site, and miss the flavors and aromas of home.

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