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Ideias de presente de Natal para quem ama os produtos do Brasil

Christmas gift ideas for those who love Brazilian products

Every year it's like this: you blink your eyes, and Christmas is here. Despite the feeling of time passing quickly, it is impossible not to get involved with the festive atmosphere that hangs over the air in the month of December. With the stores and houses all decked out, it's time to think about the Christmas dinner and get some Christmas gift ideas. And that's where we at Hi Brazil come in - as Santa's real helpers - to help you choose the right product for the gifted one.

Whether he/she is an important person in your life, or just a colleague at the office, choosing a nice gift can be a hard task. If you are one of those people who shop on the tip of the pencil, here you will find different products to complement or replace some items on your list.

Now, if you are the undecided ones, or the ones who leave everything to the last minute, you can leave that worry aside! Here in your favorite Brazilian online marketplace you will findo you will find what you are looking forwith that special Brazilian touch that enchants everyone. And the best part: the gifts are already packed with a special card! Let's go?

To take care of yourself

The difficulties imposed by the pandemic have brought to the surface the need for integral health care. Beyond the aesthetic issue, the search for physical and mental well-being has been incorporated in people's lives - men and women. With this, there is a growing interest in creating and maintaining a routine of self-care with the body, supported by quality products. In this sense, Natura's items items are one of the Christmas gift ideas for those who are in line with the concept of conscious consumption.

For the bath

To make bath time a ritual of self-love, a good soap makes all the difference. If you are close to the person you are going to give it to, you can choose one of the soaps by its scent. Now, if you don't know the person that well, bet on more classic scents, such as fennel soapsoap, for example.

The items in the Ekos line bring the power of Brazilian flora, with a focus on Amazonian fruits and seeds. Highlight for the gift kits with four units (Acai, Passion Fruit, Andiroba and Chestnut), and the box with with illustrated soaps of Pitanga and Passion Fruit.

To moisturize the skin

Just like showering, moisturizing the body can become a pleasant ritual of self-care. And we can't believe that applying creams and oils on the skin is an exclusive practice for women! These Christmas gift ideas go well for friends and family members of all genders.

This is the case with Pitanga Triphasic Oil and Passion Fruit Nectar Moisturizerboth from the Ekos line. When used after bathing, they bring freshness and leave the skin with a light citrus fruity aroma. In addition, they moisturize the skin deeply, without leaving that uncomfortable sticky texture.

For everyday use

The slogan says it all: Havaianaseverybody wears them! Choosing a model of the sandals is one of the Christmas gift ideas that always work. The flip-flop is the favorite souvenir of gringos who visit Brazil, and an indispensable item in the closet and in the suitcase of Brazilians.

Here in our Brazilian online market we have models for all tastes and sizes. In other words: you can give Havaianas as a gift to the whole family. You can also make a Secret Santa just with sandals, how cool is that?

For the dinner time

It may not seem like it, but bringing a special item to the supper is one of the most affectionate and caring Christmas gift ideas. And it is also an economical way out for those who want to give a special treat for all the guests, but can't spend too much.

In this case, the panettone is the star of the year-end festivities. Expected all year long, the panettone goes from the supper to the coffee table on Christmas morning. It goes from the traditional Bauducco panettone with candied fruits to Ofner's gourmet version with dulce de leche with dulce de leche, walnuts and coconut. And for those who want to stick to a diet or cannot consume sugar, we have the special panettone with chocolate mousse sugar free.

Other delicious foods that are the face of Brazil will certainly please family and friends. How about complementing your dinner with spiced farofa or a catupiry cheese? To go with it, don't forget to bring the very Brazilian Guaraná Antarctica e and cashew juice. Finally, if you need dessert, just take out of your hat the sugary sugared bananinhas or a box or a box of "paçoquinhas. Huuumm!!!!

To share with your loved ones

If you like to give a treat just for the whole family baskets are an economical and elegant alternative. This is one of the Christmas gift ideas for those who do not want to risk an individual gift, but want to show their affection on this special date. Just like the other gifts from the store, the baskets also come with a super special personalized Christmas card.

This is the case with the Origin Wine Basketwhich contains special items to enhance Christmas Eve. It contains 100% Brazilian products, products such as Sonho de Valsa and Ouro Branco bonbons, Japanese peanuts, Bauducco panettone and and the award-winning Casa Valduga wine Origem Carmenère.

The Pilão Hamper is like a hug in the heart of someone who was born in Brazil but is far from home. It contains coffee, powder cookies, panettone, chocolate Bis, guaraná, and other Brazilian food. It is perfect for sharing and tearing sighs of nostalgia!

Plan your shopping

The end of the year is busy all over the planet, especially if you celebrate Christmas Eve as it should be. This is because, besides the presents, there are the decorations, the supper menu, the amount of drinks, the confirmation of the guests... And even if you are the guest and not the host, it is polite to bring at least a little gift for those who invited you to the party, right?

So, take advantage of our fresh tips, and stop breaking your head with Christmas gift ideas. Our Brazilian online marketplace ships to all countries safely and quickly - at least from us. If you are in the US in the California area, you can shop in person at our physical store in Redondo Beach.

And you don't have to worry about deadlines and dates: we have a consolidated and organized refund policy. More important than choosing the right gift is the gesture itself. Giving a gift is expressing your affection on a date that celebrates love, life, and the rebirth of faith within our hearts. May your Christmas be joyful and abundant!

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