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Mundial Alicate para Cutículas Classic Plus 522-C AP - Classic Plus Cuticle Nippers

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Description: Sharp as a tack, the Mundial 522 Classic Plus pliers have the perfect blade for treating cuticles. It has a nickel-plated carbon steel body, with a non-slip finish and a resistant spring.It has a nickel-plated carbon steel body with a non-slip finish and a resistant spring, which provides comfortable and safe handling. Comes with sharpening ready for use, and its material allows for oven sterilization.

Specifications: Product made in nickel plated carbon steel. Sterilization in oven and autoclave.

How to use: Soften the cuticle in water or emollient. With the help of the Mundial Classic Plier, remove the cuticle following the shape of the nails. Be careful not to remove excess skin.

Precautions: Product recommended for personal use. Because it is sharp, it is recommended to keep out of reach of children.

Storage: For better preservation of your pliers avoid falls, keep it dry, clean and lubricated.

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