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Easter Eggs: classic and special chocolates for you to enjoy and give as a gift >

Elma Chips Cheetos Sabor Requeijao 37g - Creamy Cheese Flavored Snack 1.31oz

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Elma Chips Cheetos Salty Cheese is the ideal snack for any time of the day. Always tasty, crunchy and fresh, it has a delicious corn flour in its composition, has no trans fat, and nothing fried, Cheetos Curd is baked. It is your perfect snack for several moments in life.


Cheetos curd cheese is the joy of all the crowd, a wave that is here to stay forever. The flavor is undeniable, unique and original, that must be why everybody likes it so much. Not to mention the poster boy for Chester Cheetah, who has won everyone's heart in his adventures in search of the perfect snack.

They are always baked, made with a delicious cornmeal and produced with omega 6 rich sunflower oil. The old formula used to contain palm oil, but now we are guaranteed 25% less saturated fat. Besides being tasty, Elma Chips' Cheetos Curd is cool, coming in a wave shape different from all the other snacks out there.

Fantastic for kids' snacks, very tasty and with a fun shape. It can be shared with friends and colleagues at school or even on a picnic. Not to mention that if you're alone and hungry you can also turn to this old friend, the cottage cheese cheetos is a source of energy and satisfies your hunger.

The cottage cheese Cheetos is a great success, being in more than 30 countries, conquering the hearts of adults and children around the world. This snack is part of the history of many people, the approval is unanimous. Always keep it at home for fun and delight.


Cornmeal Fortified with Iron and Folic Acid, Vegetable Palm Oil, Cottage Cheese Salty Preparation (Whey, Vegetable Fat, Milk Protein Concentrate, Glucose Syrup, Salt, Maltodextrin, Caseinate, Butter, Cheese, Modified Starch, Flavoring, Acidity Regulator Disodium Phosphate, Flavor Enhancer Monosodium Glutamate, Acidulants: Citric Acid and Lactic Acid, Natural Colors: Turmeric and Urucum and Emulsifiers: Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids and Soy Lecithin) and Salt.

Allergic: contains wheat and milk derivatives. May contain soy, rye, barley and oats. Contains Lactose. Contains gluten.

Expiration date

See product packaging.


Keep in a dry, clean, airy and odorless place.


Soon after opening.

Nutritional Information

Quantity per serving 25g

%VD (*)

Energetic Value

128 kcal











Total Fats



Saturated Fats



Trans fats



Dietary fiber

0 g



158 mg


*% Reference daily values based on a 2,000kcal or 8,400kJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs. **Daily Value not established.

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