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Dori Gomets Assorted Fruit Flavored Jelly Rolls - Bala de Goma de Frutas / Jujuba

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Gum candy Gomets, better known as jujube, is guaranteed to make anyone happy. There is nothing more pleasurable than opening that classic little tube and enjoying the various fruit flavors and the wonderful candied sugar on top. If you have ever been a child, you know the unique feeling of eating Gomets jujubes.


Gomets jujubes have a taste of childhood. The most traditional candy in BrazilIt is present in all children's parties, school cafeterias, bars, newsstands and supermarkets. Wherever you go, the Gomets candy will be present, making everyone's party.

Jujube has always been present in the lives of Brazilians and has conquered their hearts. Whether adults or children, no doubt everyone will enjoy Gomets jujubes. The diversity of flavor brings a delicious expectation, when you open the tube and start eating, you can't stop, often eating until the end because the last flavor is your favorite.

With Gomets, everything becomes a game. That's why there's nothing more profitable than buying a box with several tubes and enjoying them whenever you want. At that moment when you need a sweet tooth, the jujube will be there waiting for you, ready to remind you of that unique and delicious taste.

And besides being delicious, Gomets jujubes help you decorate the tables of events and celebrations.. You can use and abuse in birthdays, baby showers, June parties, debutantes, company parties, and festivities in general. The table looks beautiful and colorful, and all your guests will love to relive the remarkable flavor of Gummets candies.


Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Modified Corn Starch, Flavoring: Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Strawberry and Grape, Citric Acid Acidulant and Artificial Colors Tartrazine Yellow, Twilight Yellow, Red 40 and Brilliant Blue. Observations: Contains synthetic flavoring identical to natural. Artificially colored and flavored. Artificial flavor.
Allergic: Does not contain gluten.


See product packaging.


Keep in a dry, clean, airy and odorless place.


After opening the package, keep the product in a tightly closed container for longer shelf life.

Nutrition Information

Amount per serving (40g)

%VD (*)

Energetic value

72 kcal = 306 kJ










0 %

Total Fats

0 g

0 %

Saturated fats

0 g


Trans fats



Dietary fiber

0 g

0 %


10 mg

0,4 %


78 mg


*% Reference daily values based on a 2,000kcal or 8,400kJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs. **Daily Value not established.

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