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Da Colonia Pe de Moca 190g - Peanut Candy with Condensed Milk 6.70oz

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Sweet and delicious, the DaColônia's pé de moça has won the hearts of peanut lovers! Unlike its friend pé de moleque, the pé de moça is soft and creamy. Its preparation is one of DaColônia's secrets, and takes quality ingredients, with ABICAB's Pro Peanut seal.


If pé de moleque is jaw-dropping, pé de moça is mouthwatering! Sweet and super soft, the DaColônia's pé de moça collects fans of all ages. Children love its pull-pull texture, while adults love the combination of salty peanuts and sweet condensed milk.

Pé de Moça DaColônia contains quality ingredients, with ABICAB's Pro Peanut seal. The Brazilian company has been in the market since the 1960s, and is certified for organic production by IBD (BioDynamic Institute) and SisOrg (Brazilian System for Evaluation of Organic Conformity).

Because it is made from peanuts, the Pé de Moça is a source of energy, fiber, and helps fight bad moods. In other words: besides being delicious, the candy has the power to make your day happier! In the package, the candy comes in pieces, and tastes like it was made at home.

If you love peanut candy, you have to have Pé de Moça DaColônia always at hand. Either to enjoy after meals, or to pair with the "pé de moleque" (peanut brittle) at the kermesse table. Let yourself be enchanted by the softness of the Pé de Moça DaColônia!


Peanuts, condensed milk, glucose syrup, sugar, whole milk powder, palm fat, potassium sorbate preservative and salt. Allergic: contains peanuts, milk and milk derivatives. Does not contain gluten.


Store in a dry and ventilated place, away from sunlight and humidity, in the original package, closed and protected from direct contact with the ground.


8 months from the date of manufacture

Nutritional Information

Amount per serving of 25 grams
(2 units)


Energetic Value

114 kcal = 477kJ



12,9 g



3,1 g


Total Fats

5,5 g


Saturated Fats

1,5 g


Trans fats

0 g


Dietary fiber

0,6 g



22 mg


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