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Ovo de Páscoa, uma paixão brasileira

Easter Eggs, a Brazilian passion

That almost everyone likes to win an Easter egg is a fact. Besides being delicious, the egg comes all decorated, and is wrapped in an air of surprise. And it also brings to mind good memories that go back to childhood.

For those who love chocolate, this is the best time of the year. It is when the Easter eggs appear on the shelves, making people's mouths water. On the shelves, making people's mouths water. One option is more delicious than the other, and you want to try one of each.

But why do we give ourselves chocolate eggs at Easter? If you don't know when this custom started, we will tell you about it below. And we will also show you the Easter eggs and special chocolate kits that we have separated for this date. Come along with us?

The meaning of the egg

The Easter egg is the main symbol of this date, which is celebrated all over the world. Its importance is due to the fact that the egg is present in different cultures. This is because throughout history the egg has been associated with fertility and rebirth.

The custom of giving eggs as presents and using them for decoration is ancient. They already appeared in pre-Christian celebrations. The celebration of the end of winter and the arrival of spring was marked by the exchange of hen eggs. They represented the natural cycle of life, and the desire for a fertile harvest.

In some cultures, however, the egg was emptied, and its shell decorated. Bright, vibrant colors were used - like on today's packaging - to match the celebration of the date.

With this, Christians incorporated colored eggs as a symbol of rebirth and joy. The habit of exchanging eggs at Easter was transformed by the addition of chocolate, as we will tell you below.

Chocolate eggs

The chocolate Easter egg was created in France in the 18th century. Chocolate was a luxury item, and its preparation was left to the pâtissiers. These chefs specialized in sweets filled chicken eggs emptied with chocolate.

Once filled and painted on the outside, the eggs were given as gifts. On Easter Day, the parents would hide the colored eggs in the gardens for the children to find. Imagine the surprise of the little ones to discover that the colored egg had chocolate in it!

Finally, the popularization of cocoa allowed the creation of the all-chocolate Easter egg. Today, there is a wide variety of fillings, sizes, and surprises. To help you in this sweet task we have separated the tastiest Easter egg options.

Brazilian style Easter egg

It's no news that Brazilians love chocolate! Easter eggs, then, are a true passion. And it is no exaggeration to say that there are people who wait the whole year for Easter to come, just because of this chocolate delight.

To satisfy the craving of those who live here, Hi Brazil has eggs and chocolates made in Brazil. Our Brazilian market has the tastiest optionsOur Brazilian market has the tastiest options, such as the Baton Easter Egg - milk and white -, and the Talento Easter Egg.

And speaking of Baton, who does not remember the propaganda: "buy Baton... buy Baton"? Prepared with milk chocolate Baton, this egg has the flavor of childhood. It is the ideal size for the little ones to enjoy. And adults, of course!

Just like the milk version, the White Chocolate Baton Easter Egg is loved by the kids. It is creamy, juicy, and sweet. Its new formula has 115% more milk than the previous recipe, and will certainly please the taste of even the most demanding.

Likewise, the taste of Garoto chocolate has a captive place in our memory. Its unmistakable flavor is considered the Brazilians' favorite. That is why the milk chocolate version of the Garoto Easter Egg is a classic.

And how to resist the tempting Talento? Those who like chocolate will not be able to resist the Easter Egg Talento Hazelnut. It is a delicious combination of the creaminess of milk chocolate with the crunchiness of hazelnut. The flavor and texture are unique.

Like the hazelnut, the Brazil nut harmonizes with the milk chocolate. For those who love this Brazil nut, our tip is the Talento Brazil Nut. All the flavor of Talento in the perfect size for your craving.

And finally, the Easter eggs from Marilan bring the quality of Casa Suíça, manufacturer of the product. The milk flavors are already available in our virtual store for you to choose.

Special chocolates

Easter is a moment of communion and thanksgiving. It should be celebrated in a special way with those we love. That is why, besides the Garoto and Marilan Easter Eggs, we brought special chocolates from two Brazilian brands: Koppenhagen and Brasil Cacau.

Delicacies from Koppenhagen

A unique experience with every bite. This is the sensation of tasting a Koppenhagen candy.. Their chocolates are prepared with high quality ingredients in order to preserve the characteristics of their products. And it is the taste and texture of a Koppenhagen chocolate that stay in your memory.

With this in mind, we have chosen the brand's most famous chocolates to bring to you. This is the case of the classics Nhá Benta, Lajotinha, Língua de Gato and Chumbinho.

Nhá Benta chocolate chocolate needs no introduction. It is made with a wafer cookie base, milk chocolate coating and a delicious marshmallow filling.. The box with 90g of chocolate is a treat that surprises and delights.

Likewise, the Lajotinha has an unmistakable flavor.. If you are a fan, you will never give up chocolate. Also, of course: the recipe contains wafers filled with cashew nut paste and cinnamon, covered with milk chocolate. Want a tip? Just take two: one as a gift, and one for yourself!

The advice also goes for the Chumbinho and Cat's Tongue. These two Koppenhagen classics have crossed generations. They please children and adults alike, and go well as dessert or as an afternoon coffee companion. Take your cue, and get one of each.

But if you are looking to impress, then the box of Cherry Brandy bonbons. There are 6 chocolates filled with cherries macerated in sugar syrup, wine, cinnamon, and Cherry Brandy liqueur. To finish, two layers of fondant with liqueur, cognac, and milk chocolate as a cover. Sophistication and sweetness in the right measure!

Brasil Cacau Easter Eggs

Like Koppenhagen, Brasil Cacau is a Brazilian chocolate manufacturer. It is a young and democratic brand, which offers high quality products at very affordable prices.

For this Easter, your favorite Brazilian market brought two eggs from the brand: the Crocanto Ovomaltine Egg and the Passion Fruit Mousse Egg.

Since Ovomaltine started to be used in recipes, everything that is made with this cereal is synonym of success. The legion of fans of Ovomaltine's crunchy crunch will love Brasil Cacau's Easter egg. Made with milk chocolate and a crunchy filling with Ovomaltine and hazelnut, it comes with a surprise sachet of Ovomaltine Rocks. Crunchy delicious!

And those who like fruit will love the Passion Fruit Mousse Egg. The easter egg combines the sweetness of milk chocolate with the sourness of the fruity passion fruit filling. It is the perfect gift for that person who misses the homemade passion fruit mousse, with the taste of Brazil.

Chocolate bars made in Brazil

Besides Easter eggs, we prepare special kits with chocolates beloved by Brazilians. Packaged as the occasion demands, they are perfect as gifts for your loved ones or even yourself!

The traditional Laka and Black Diamond, for example, please Greeks and Trojans.. The kit with Laka chocolates, by Lacta, contains 4 bars of 90g, and 2 of 20g. That's 400g of white chocolate for you to enjoy without guilt!

Not to be left behind, the Black Diamond combo also contains 400g of the nationally hit chocolate. But if you love both equally you can opt for the half-and-half kit. This way, you won't be craving it.

Just like Lacta's chocolates, Alpino from Nestlé has been collecting fans since its creation in 1959. It is the purity of the chocolate that gives Alpino its unmistakable taste. The kit brings 6 bars: 4 of 90g and 2 of 20g. It is to be delighted with the flavor of the Swiss Alps.

Easter egg is affection and taste

It seems easy to choose an Easter egg, after all, they are all delicious! But for those who are in doubt, it's easy to decide: Just take one of each!

As we show you, our special selection for the date brings Brazilians' favorite chocolates. Besides these, you can also give other chocolates as gifts, such as Chokito, o Sensação and the classic Bis. You can even impress with a simple but charming bonbon, after all, who can resist Candy Sonho de Valsa or Ouro Branco given with love?

Hi Brazil's variety of chocolates and candies will surely delight you. Our job is to bring you quality items made in Brazil. We are a Brazilian marketplace in the United States, with a physical store in Redondo Beach, and an online store with shipping all over the USA.

From the Easter egg to the box of chocolates, chocolates are gifts loaded with affection. Take advantage of this date to sweeten your life, and the lives of your loved ones. Count on us to make your Easter even more enjoyable! Visit the most complete site of the Brazilian market in the United States.

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