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Confira 8 ideias de presentes de Valentine’s Day feitos com produtos brasileiros

Check out 8 Valentine's Day gift ideas made with Brazilian products

More than just a date reserved for couples, Valentine's Day marks the celebration of love in the world calendar. It is celebrated on February 14th not only in the United States, but also in other countries. In Brazil, June 12th is reserved for the celebration of those in love. However, love is so much that Valentine's Day has gained fame in the country, and is now also celebrated by Brazilian couples and families.

Just like Christmas, it is a tradition to exchange gifts. Lovers, long-time couples and even friends take the opportunity to share affection in the form of a treat or a nice experience. Likewise, preparing breakfast or dinner, and reserving a table at a restaurant are typical practices for this special day.

Thinking of making February 14th even more unforgettable, we have prepared Valentine's Day gift ideas. There are combos for you to be inspired and fall in love. Because we are a Brazilian online marketplace in the USA. We created exclusive kits, with unique products that before you could only find in Brazil. Now, these items are just a click away from your home.

Take advantage of the date also to miss the good things made in our land. Here you will find everything from food to cosmetics, from beverages to housewares. Everything with the "Brazilian stamp" of manufacture!

Check out, below, the 100% Brazilian gifts that we have prepared for you to celebrate the Day of Love.

Delicacies to share

What heart does not melt for a filled bonbon? Chocolates are a classic for Valentine's Day, and they never disappoint. The diversity of flavors pleases both men and women. Besides, they are good gifts to share, and can make your Valentine's Day even more enjoyable.

For the more traditional ones, the Sonho de Valsa kit is the perfect gift. The chocolate candy with peanut and chestnut filling is one of the most famous in Brazil. Created in 1938, the candy was mostly consumed by women. Today, it sweetens the palate and the lives of men and women alike.Our special kit brings four bonbons in a beautiful heart-shaped package that is the face of Valentine's Day.

Just like chocolates, teas are excellent for couples. And they can even be enjoyed together. The Tea and Chocolate Box brings teas of various flavors for you and your love to taste. Made especially for Valentine's Day, it contains the classic Sonho de Valsa and Serenata de Amor, and chamomile, lemongrass and ginger, passion fruit, blended, and the original matte teas.

And for those who want to toast the date with something very different, a gourmet type beer goes well. Leopoldina is an award-winning Brazilian beer, made to surprise the palate with every sip. In the decorated box we prepared for Valentine's Day, you will find a classic pilsen and a weissbier, the wheat beer. A good idea as an appetizer for a surprise dinner party, and goes great with Japanese peanuts or cheese snacks.

Cuddles for the body

If you're out of gift ideas for Valentine's Day, invest in items that show special attention to your loved one's well-being. Products for self-care are appreciated by men and women, and bring an extra touch of affection. In addition to smelling good, creams, soaps and bath oils can make the couple's life even more enjoyable.

Elaborated with products that are a success in Brazil, the Passion kits bring a sensation of freshness to the day-to-day life. Those who like creams with a light texture will love Paixão Tentadora and Paixão Radiante. Each combo contains an almond oil and a moisturizer, already packed especially for the date. If used together, the Passion products promise to leave the body scented and moisturized for up to 24 hours.

Just like the products in the Paixão line, Natura cosmetics are loved by Brazilians. This is because they are made with local raw materials, and their sustainable production method seeks to preserve the environment. For example, the products from the Ekos line that make up the Valentine's Day kits are made from ingredients like Brazil nuts and passion fruit. They are creams of light texture and subtle aroma, suitable for all skin types, for men and women.

The Natura Ekos Todo Dia Gift Box brings a complete selection of the brand's items. The package includes a cherry and hazelnut body cream, Tododia line vegetable soaps, and a hand cream and a Brazil nut foot cream. A super gift to take care of the whole body with the care it deserves.

And for the mommies on duty, it is worth investing in the classic Mommy and Baby line. The gift brings a cologne, a liquid soap, and a moisturizer, to be used by mother and baby. With formulas designed for the delicacy of the baby's skin, they are perfect for the mother and child care routine.


In addition to the kits prepared especially for the date, we offer other gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

To brighten up the evening, you can surprise your sweetheart with one of Casa Valduga's award-winning sparkling wines. O Brut is Vintage limited edition for example, is made with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes from Vale dos Vinhedos in Rio Grande do Sul. Its creaminess and freshness go well with canapés and seafood.

Now, if you miss Brazil a lot, Brazilian sweets are sure to be a success. Here at Hi Brazil you will find creamy milk candy, pé de moça, brigadeiro and even the traditional Pernambuco roll cake. The tip is: prepare a delicious breakfast, and sweeten the day of those you love with these typically Brazilian delicacies.

And our product portfolio does not stop there. We are a Brazilian marketplace in the United States specialized in providing quality items made in Brazil. Besides the physical store, located in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, we ship our products all over the USA.

So, when you feel like tasting the delicious things of our land, you already know who to count on. To get to know the most complete Brazilian market in the USA, access our website.

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