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Fini Bala Sabor Banana 90g - Banana Flavor Gelatin Candy 3oz

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Nossas Bananas Fini são cremosas, macias, docinhas e vem direto do cacho pra você! Além de clássicas, são uma delícia, experimente! Em formato e sabor de banana com acabamento açucarado, na cor amarela. Pacote de 90g de produto.

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Beverley Wemhoff (bevewem-43)
My review

Delivery was very fast as my boyfriend who is Brazilian loves this candy and he cannot have it in America. I would definitely have bought more but 12$ for the candy and shipping is jsut too much but thank you for having this available

We're delighted that your boyfriend found in the USA one of his favorite candies! We understand that shipping can be costly for a single item, so we always encourage customers to explore our extensive selection of 2,000 Brazilian SKUs. In the case of the Fini brand alone, we offer more than 15 enticing options.

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