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Beelife Guarana em Po - Brazilian Guarana powder

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  • ✔ The REAL Guarana Powder from Amazon Rain Forest.
  • ✔ Promotes a positive mood and helps support mental performance.
  • ✔ Guarana (Paullinia cupana) comes from the Amazon, commonly used by Indian tribes. The guarana seed is a great source of energy. Increases resistance to mental and muscular effort and reduces motor and mental fatigue. Through the xanthines that has caffeine and theobromine, guarana produces greater speed and clarity of thought.
  • ✔ Suggested use: Up to 3x 1 teaspoon daily, with sufficient liquid. After 2 weeks of use, pause for a few days. Avoid using in combination with coffee or chocolate (in case of hypertension, ulcers or heart disease). Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

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