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Dona Clara Premium Flocao Farinha de Milho Flocada 500g - Corn Flour Flakes 17.6 oz -

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You mentioned couscous, you mentioned Flocão Farinha de Milho Dona Clara! Now in its premium version, flaked corn flour is an indispensable ingredient in the homes of many Brazilian families. Besides the traditional couscous, you can try Flocão in various recipes, such as farofas and empanadas.


Dona Clara's Flocão Premium Floc Corn Flour is ideal to always have at home. A high quality flour, rich in nutrients and flavor. As it is a corn-based product, it is light and versatile, and can be used in several recipes. In the premium version, it can be consumed with tranquility, because it comes transgenic-free.

If you love couscous, try preparing it with Flocão Flocão Corn Flour Premium. It will be tastier and more nutritious, with that soft texture that only a good hot couscous has!

You can enhance your couscous by adding other ingredients and spices. If you are a fan of strong flavors, you can add carne de sol or linguiça sausage to the filling. If you want something lighter, invest in vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes, grated carrots, or eggplant.

Vary the spices to your liking: black pepper, smoked paprika, nutmeg, and whatever else you like. Now, if you prefer to honor tradition, enjoy your couscous with just salt and a lot of butterand a good cup of fresh coffee as an accompaniment.

Dona Clara's Flocão Premium Floc Corn Flour is so special that it has become a a "card up my sleeve" in the kitchen.. It can be used as a side dish for the rice and beans of every day, or as a or as a base for recipes for cakes, breaded products, farofas, cornbread, and many more!


GMO-free corn flakes. Contains no gluten. May contain soy.


Check product packaging for expiration date.


Keep in a dry, clean, ventilated and odor-free place. Keep out of direct sunlight.


CUSCUZ: mix 2 cups of Dona Clara corn flour; 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of salt. Let it rest for approximately 10 minutes. Fill the couscous maker with the dough, without pressing too much the surface. Cook on low heat for 10 minutes. Unmold, and that's it!

Nutrition Information

Amount per 50g serving (½ cup)

%VD (*)

Energetic value

170 kcal = 714 kJ



39 g



3,6 g


Total Fats

0 g


Saturated fats

0 g


Trans fats

0 g


Dietary fiber

0,8 g



0 mg


(*) % Reference daily values based on a 2000 kcal or 8400 kJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your energy requirements. *ADV not established.

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