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Saiba como e quais alimentos saudáveis incluir na sua rotina

Learn how and which healthy foods to include in your routine

Cast the first stone who has never overindulged in food and drink at Christmas and New Year! After the holiday season comes the promises of losing weight and being healthier. It's time to get back to your routine and detox from the excesses of sugar, salt, alcohol, and fat.

And if you thought that means going on a super-restrictive diet, you should know that this is not advisable for this time of the year. Drastically eliminating items from the menu can produce undesirable effects - such as bad moods, indisposition, and compulsion. Also, radical changes may not be sustainable for long, causing you to be back to square one in a few weeks.

Therefore, the best way to create a lighter routine is to include healthy - and inexpensive - foods in the daily menu. By making substitutions and conscious choices of what goes on your plate, your body will feel the benefits gradually and continuously. This is dietary re-education, which only works with patience, discipline, and, of course, planning.

In this article, we show you how to incorporate nutritious ingredients into your recipes, focusing on the properties, taste, practicality, and the feeling of satiety.

Go veggie!

Hot ham and cheese mix; ground beef on a pastry; pepperoni on a pizza; shredded chicken on a drumstick... almost everything that is good seems to have meat in it, right? Wrong! Although most of the traditional recipes contain a filling or complement with meat, there are delicious preparations - made with healthy food - that are 100% vegetarian.

So you don't have to give up tasty food: just make some more nutritious substitutions. The secret here is to add, instead of meat, healthy foods that satisfy hunger, such as vegetables, hearts of palm, and grains. For example: instead of using ground beef or sausage, how about making a stuffed pie with vegetable selecta? The pastries, esfihas and snacks are delicious with a preparation of hearts of palmtomato, onion, garlic and spices.

In the same way, another alternative to reduce the consumption of cold cuts and sausages on a daily basis is to make "chunky" pastes and pâtés to spread on bread. O corn pâté corn pâté is very nutritious while the olive pâté has a more marked flavor. Both go well on the sandwich along with grated carrot, arugula leaves, and tomato slices. For those who like more substance, the homus - a chickpea-based based on chickpeas - serves as a filling for the wrap, accompanied by a small red onion salad.

And let's have grains and cereals

Just like legumes, grains and cereals are important healthy foods to have in your routine. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, and bring many health benefits to the body. Both provide the feeling of satiety, reduce the absorption of fats and glucose, and have analgesic and anti oxidant functions.

For being rich in carbohydrates and proteins, grains such as beans, a lentils, o chickpeas and peas are excellent substitutes for animal protein. In addition, they are easy to prepare and yield well, which makes your daily diet more economical and practical. To avoid getting sick, alternate the type of grain in the meal, for example: lentils on Monday, kidney beans on Tuesday, chickpeas on Wednesday, and so on.

Just like beans and lentils, the so-called super grains have properties that act positively on the body. Quinoa, amaranth, chia, and flaxseed are some of these ancient grains that strengthen the immune system, regulate intestinal functions, and help reduce bad cholesterol. They can be eaten in various recipes, or eaten raw in salads and yogurts.

Essential cereals

Rice, oatmeal, and corn are cereals that are easy to find on the market, and that make up countless sweet and savory recipes. Because they are rich in carbohydrates and vitamins, they provide energy to the body, and are a healthier alternative to wheat flour products.

To make your meals more nutritious, bet on whole grain rice or heart of palm rice. Both are light, filling, and help balance the intestine. Já oats is a source of fiber, and can replace wheat flour in the preparation of cookies, pies, pancakes, among others.

Magic mushrooms

Those who think that mushrooms are an ingredient for special dates will be surprised how these healthy foods can be easily incorporated into everyday life. Starting with the variety of types of mushrooms available: shitake, shimeji, paris champignonamong others. Each one has a specific flavor and texture, but all of them fit well in several recipes.

Just like grains, mushrooms are high in protein, in addition to being a source of B vitamins, folic acid, and antioxidants. When eaten regularly, they strengthen immunity, protect the brain, and give more energy to the body, thanks to the nutrients. They also give a feeling of satiety, because they are fleshy and consistent.

Just like vegetables, mushrooms can be substituted for meat when it comes to making stuffing and sauces. Try making try making a Brazilian style stroganoff with hearts of palm and mushrooms, without forgetting, of course, the rice and and potato chips to go with it. In the same way, those who can't live without a well-made pasta for a mushroom saucemushroom sauce, made with cream. And for the cold days, a mushroom soup that canned soup, full of preservatives and poor in nutrients!

Fish is all good

Source of omega 3, fish such as tuna and sardines are healthy and versatile foods to compose your daily menu. They serve as an alternative for diets that reduce red meat and sausages, because they have a marked flavor and bring a feeling of satiety.

Both tuna and sardines are rich in nutrients - such as vitamin E and K, calcium, and proteins -, and are low in calories. Vitamin E helps the blood circulation by promoting the development of new red blood cells. Calcium, on the other hand, contributes to the strengthening of bones. Fish also carry omega-3 strength, a fatty acid responsible for improving brain activity and keeping memory up.

If you don't have access to fresh fish, you can rely on canned versions. Contrary to popular belief, tuna and sardines sardines sardines have their properties preserved without increasing the level of calories.

As well as mushrooms, tuna and sardines go very well in place of meat in recipes. All that is needed is a little creativity and and a variety of spices to make your recipe very tasty. This is the case of this tuna and oatmeal burger - that leaves nothing to be desired to the traditional beef burger - and the baked dumplingsthat can be made with tuna or sardines.

Finally, to make your menu very Brazilian, you can prepare this easy sardine and tapioca pie. Besides containing inexpensive ingredients, it is low in calories and super delicious!

Start the year healthy

The arrival of a new year brings motivation to promote positive changes in our lives. Among them, eating healthy food without giving up tasty dishes is an easy resolution to implement and keep throughout the year.

In this sense, planning your meals in advance is fundamental to ensure that healthy food is always available. This avoids the consumption of fast foods and deliveries on a daily basis, an emergency practice to satisfy hunger that harms both your health and your pocket.

In our Brazilian online marketplace we offer all the ingredients you need to stock your fridge and get your diet ready to go. We deliver all over the world, and we offer pick-up from our physical store, located in Redondo Beach, California.

Start the year healthy by organizing your meals with healthy and tasty foods. No laziness: 'let's go to the kitchen and prepare easy and tasty dishes. After all, health starts at the table!

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