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Cuide das unhas e do cabelo sem gastar muito com produtos de beleza brasileiros

Take care of your nails and hair without spending too much on Brazilian beauty products

Brazilian women who migrate miss many things from their homeland, among them the trusted hairdresser and the manicure of a lifetime. These services are not always easy to find. To help those who are abroad, we have Brazilian beauty products that are known for their quality and good price. Check out, below, what to buy and how to take care of your nails and hair at home safely and effectively.

Hands and feet

Popular in Brazil, going to the manicure is usually quite expensive in the USA and in other countries. Therefore, Brazilian women living in other places have to "turn around" to have their nails well done.

For this reason, many people look for Brazilian beauty products that they like and know to take care of their nails.. Follow below the step by step instructions for you to do your hand and foot at home, like a professional.

pessoa espalhando esmalte com glitter em unhas cor de rosa

Nails like a pro

To begin, sanitize hands and feet with soap and water. Soak your nails in cuticle cuticle softener cream applied. Then, trim the nails, file down the sides and underneath carefully using clipper or scissors, plierscuticle scraper. Bet on stainless steel utensils, because they do not rust and are safer. Once set, it is time to file the nails with a soft, resistant soft and resistant sandpaper. For the foot, also use sandpaper with pumice stone to remove cracks and calluses.

Next, wash your feet with sulfur soap soap to sanitize and prevent contamination. The hands can be rinsed with glycerin soap. After drying, moisturize the feet and hands with specific cream for these regions. Remove the remains of nail polish and sanding residues with cotton soaked in nail polish remover.

Before enameling, apply the base coatremoving the excesses from the sides with a toothpick. Choose your favorite color and paint two coats, always cleaning the skin around the nail with nail polish remover. To finish, apply some drying oil and let it dry naturally.

Diva hair

Just like doing your nails, going to the salon to take care of your hair is not cheap abroad. A simple cut and a moisturizing can be very expensive at the end of the month.

However, you do not have to live with disheveled hair just because you left your favorite hairdresser in Brazil. We have a number of Brazilian beauty products from renowned brands for you to sanitize, moisturize, tone, straighten, and make your hair care schedule. Take note of our tips and get your shopping cart ready:

Hydration routine

Fine, thick, chemical or non-chemical, dry, oily hair... whatever yours is, moisturizing is fundamental for hair health. It replenishes water and seals the strands, leaving them soft and shiny. For this, it is recommended to do a thorough cream bath once a week.

There is an infinite number of products on the market, each with its own way of using them. The right thing to do is to choose the cream that is right for your hair type. A Salon Line has complete lines for you to wash, condition, and moisturize your straight hair. straight hair, wavycurly hair. For those who just want the mask, we highlight the SOS Curls e Extreme Straight.

Step by step

To perform the hydration, wash your hair with shampoo, taking care to remove it completely when rinsing. Then apply the moisturizing mask along the strands, strand by strand. Remember to keep the roots free, without cream - direct use on the scalp can cause irritation, dandruff, and excess oiliness.

Then, spread the cream well with the help of your fingers or a comb. Stay at least 5 minutes with the product on your hair, taking care not to exceed the maximum time specified by the manufacturer (check the label on the package). You can use a thermal cap to enhance the cream's effect.

Has the allotted time elapsed? It's time to rinse - well! - the head. Remove all the cream and untangle your hair with your hands. There is no need for conditioner, but you can use the moment of care to pass a tonic or a treatment ampoule.

Finally, remove excess water with a soft towel, and apply the finishing product to the ends. You can immediately attest the hydration result by blow-drying your hair. Now, if you prefer to preserve your hair from heat, just let it dry naturally.

Mulher aplicando condicionador após o banho

Intensive treatment

Besides moisturizing, there are several hair procedures that can be done safely at home. The secret to getting a good result is to choose a product that is suitable for the current state of your hair. Dying, progressive, excessive oiliness, and dry strands must be considered before doing a specific treatment.

It is equally important to follow the step-by-step treatment described on the packaging. Some cosmetics must be tested on the skin before going to the hair - the so-called sensitivity test. Others, on the other hand, should be applied with gloves, so as not to dry out fingernails and hands. If you follow the recommendations correctly, there is only one result: diva hair!


A chemical process that helps to rebalance the color of bleached hair, This is a chemical process that helps to rebalance the color of bleached hair, attenuating stains and yellowish and orange shades. It is recommended for dyed, highlighted, white, and gray hair, and should be done at most twice a month.

  • Curly: bet on matizator mayonnaiseIt adjusts the color while treating the hair, leaving them silky.
  • Natural or chemical straight: this special line contains a ready-made capillary routine, with shampoo, conditioner, and mask. With it, you sanitize and hydrate your hair, With it, you sanitize and moisturize your hair, and the color is maintained for longer thanks to the tinting effect..
  • All hair: practical, the ampoule acts quickly, returning the color and color and shine to the hair.

Hair Botox

Basically, Botox is a volume-reducing treatment that treats, moisturizes, and reduces hair volume and frizz. The product's active ingredients fill the capillary fiber, replenish water, and realign the strands.. Invest in this Hair Extrattus line, which has the restoring cream for curly and wavy hair. curly and wavy hairfor blond blond hair (dyed or natural) and for all all hair types of hair. The effect lasts an average of 30 days.


This procedure acts deeply on the hair, reconstructing its structure. It should be done with an interval of at least 15 days between applicationsThe excess keratin leaves the hair heavy and rigid. See how to do the keratin refillaccording to the the manufacturer Novex:

  • Dry hair: With damp hair, apply the productApply the product to hair from roots to ends. Without rinsing, comb through according to your preference. For a better result, finish with a straightening board or brush.
  • Oily hair: With damp hair, apply the product to the hair from roots to ends, leave applied for 15 minutes and rinse. You can optimize the product's action by using a thermal cap. Finish by drying or straightening.

Mulher de vista frontal usando secador de cabelo

Beautiful with a click

For fans of Brazilian beauty products, this article is a must-have! All the items you need are here, and many more.. We have special soaps, moisturizers, nail polishes, body oils and bleaches from proven brands.

And as you will need to replenish your personal stock from time to time, it is super advantageous to join our Rewards Program. Remember that we ship all over the planet and we also offer pick-up at our physical store, located in Redondo Beach, California, USA.

So, are you ready to feel powerful and beautiful? Then head on over to the Care & Beauty section of the best Brazilian market online, and get ready to look beautiful like a diva!

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