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As melhores comidas de Festa Junina para você matar a saudade

The best Festa Junina foods for you to feel nostalgic about

"Saint John, light the fire in my heart! It's only when the month of June arrives that the hearts of Brazilians are lit with joy. After all, it's the period of the "quermesse", and of gorging oneself with June celebration food!

Although it is a custom of Brazilian culture, these festivities have their origins in Europe. Before Christianity, they celebrated the abundance of the harvest. Later, they were mixed with the dates of the saints: Saint Anthony, Saint John and Saint Peter. With the colonization of Brazil by the Portuguese, the parties were established in the national territory, and gained their own style.

The Brazilian June Party foods are the main mark of the celebration, followed by square dancing, music, costumes and the bonfire. And those who are far away from home are dying to experience these moments and to taste the typical delicacies of the period.

For this reason, we have separated some tasty treats for you to get inspired and put together a lively and tasty Arraial!

Blessed corn!

In Europe farmers used to celebrate the wheat harvest with typical parties, in which they prepared Junine feast foods with wheat products. The custom was exported here, and Brazilian families started to celebrate the corn harvest.

At the quermesses and June parties you will find many sweet and savory treats made with corn products. Recipes include corn flour, boiled corn, corn pudding, and popcorn, of course.

Polenta Cake

The corn flour (fubá mimoso ) is a wild card in Brazilian cuisine. It can be found in corn bread, rain cakes, pie dough, polenta, and various other preparations. In addition, it is the base of the traditional cornmeal cake, be it in the creamy version, with anise, guava paste, or even with cheese. And cornmeal cake can't be missing in the São João party!


Also, a warm canjica (porridge) is indispensable to make the party more enjoyable. A Vapza's white corn pudding comes already cooked and ready, and must be prepared with cow or vegetable milk, condensed milk or coconut milk. Also called mugunzá, it can be topped off with cinnamon, paçoca, and peanuts.

Corn cake

Just like cornmeal cake, corn cake is a classic for June parties. It is prepared in various ways that please all tastes. This is the case of the creamy corn cake and the pamonha cake. Both recipes use canned corn, and are super practical and easy.


If there's the smell of popcorn in the air, it's a sign that the June feast is on! Take advantage of the practicality ofmicrowave popcorn , and prepare options with different spices to enhance the menu. Or serve the traditional popcorn with salt in paper bags... the kids love it!


If you like peanuts, you're a fan of the June Party. Like corn, peanuts are super versatile, and are the basis for 100% Brazilian products, such as paçoca, pé de moleque, and pé de moça.

With that in mind, your brazilian market online brought these peanut-based treats that, just by talking, make your mouth water!

And if you prefer the oleaoginosa in its natural state, we also have the raw vermelhu peanut. It can be eaten roasted, and also serves as raw material in the preparation of various sweet and savory recipes.


Paçoca is a classic Brazilian sweet made from roasted peanuts, manioc flour and sugar. In the old days it was handmade in a pestle. Now it is produced by companies with tradition in the domestic market. Whether in cork, square or in zero sugar versionor in the kitchen, paçoca is essential to compose the quermesse table.

It also serves as raw material for several recipes. Try using it to make sweet rice pudding, a paçoca cake or a delicious brigadeiro with paçoca.

Pé de moleque

Just like paçoca, the Pé de mole que has sweetened the lives of Brazilians since childhood. Its history is old and connected to the arrival of sugar cane in the times of Colonial Brazil, in the middle of the 16th century.

Legend has it that the candy, made of rapadura and peanuts, was prepared and sold in the streets by the sugar cane sweets makers. When they were distracted, kids would run by and steal the candy. "Ask, kid, ask!", the confectioners would say, in an attempt to convince the kids not to steal the candy. And this is how pé de moleque was baptized.

Pé de moça

Sweet and delicious, Pé de Mo ça won the hearts of peanut lovers, and collects fans of all ages. Unlike its friend pé de moleque, pé de moça is soft and creamy. Children love its pully texture, while adults love the combination of the salty peanuts and the sweetness of condensed milk.

Because it is peanut-based, Pé de Moça is a source of energy and fiber, and helps fight bad moods. In other words, besides being delicious, the candy has the power to make your day happier!

As you can see, the dishes with corn and peanuts fill the table of the arraial. But a June celebration can have so much more! Let your creativity blossom, and innovate in the preparations. The important thing is to maintain the spirit of joy and unity, and to celebrate with those we love.

Let's jump over the bonfire!

Besides the recipes with peanuts and corn, there are other typical June party foods that have a captive place in the hearts of Brazilians. This is the case with espetinho com farofathe hot dog, the manioc cake, the hot dog, the curauthe couscous, the pine nuts...

To complement the arraial, quentão and hot wine and beer cannot be left out. Both drinks are simple to prepare. Take the opportunity to make them when it is colder, because they must be served very hot.

In this sense, it is essential to prepare the menu for your arraial. We, from Hi Brazil, are an online Brazilian market that makes available to people around the world the best Brazilian products. You can buy the goods on the site and have them delivered to your home - in any country - or pick them up in the physical store, located in Redondo Beach, California.

Pick a day with a starry sky, gather the family, and count on us to make delicious Junine feast food. Go to the website, and prepare an unforgettable arraial!

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