Soda Bossa Energy Drink - Bebida Energetica

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35 calories.

Natural Energy Drink.


Product description

Soda Bossa Guarana Flavor gets its signature style and taste from its home country of Brazil. Crisp and refreshing, its on the cutting edge of what’s fun, trendy and exciting. At an astoundingly low 35 calories per can, Soda Bossa is a natural alternative to an energy drink or soda. Enjoy the lightly carbonated taste of Guarana that seems to evaporate in your mouth. GUARANA THE FRUIT OF THE AMAZON This amazing fruit is a favorite of the citizens of Brazil. Used in many beverages, and teas, it is a natural source of energy. Soda Bossa uses a modest amount to give our drink its signature flavor and vitalization effects. LOW CALORIES 35 CALORIES PER CAN Soda Bossa proves that 35 calories is all you need to strike the perfect balance between health and satisfaction. This light beverage comes with a low calorie count that won’t impose on anyone’s current diet. HYDRATION QUENCH YOUR THIRST Soda Bossa isn’t high in sugar and sodium meaning it won’t leave you feeling more thirsty than before. Without a harsh aftertaste Soda Bossa’s light, subtle carbonation will leave you grinning all day.