Apisvida/BeeLife Extrato de Propolis Gotas 20ml - Propolis Extract 1fl oz

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Propolis is the natural resin-like substance collected from tree buds by honey bees. Green propolis is the result of higher levels of a more powerful antioxidant within the propolis mixture found in Rosemary Field, a native Brazilian plant. This is very important and useful to the bees in preserving the integrity of the hive.

BEELIFE Green Propolis contains more than 70 active substances such as artepellin-C used in preventive treatments against illness. Moreover, it is an antimicrobial substance and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Green Propolis extract drops, has a concentration of 15% solids in its formulation and can also be applied externally to the skin without cleft, or swallowed with water.