Beelife Extract of Propolis Spray 1fl oz (30ml) - Extrato de Propolis Spray

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Minimum dry extract 11%

✔ Propolis Spray BEELIFE is tasty!
✔ Helps relieve Coughs, Hoarseness and Sore Throat.
✔ Promotes oral health (Preventing Bad Breath and Mouth infections
✔ Natural antibiotic and Anti-inflammatory
✔ Natural source of antioxidant
Propolis is the natural resin-like substance collected from tree buds by honey bees. Green propolis is the result of higher levels of a more potent antioxidant within the propolis mixture found in Rosemary Field, a native Brazilian plant. This is useful to the bees in preserving the integrity of the bee hive and is of particular interest to natural medicine enthusiasts. Propolis Green BEELIFE contains more than 70 active substances, such as artepellin-C. Moreover, it is an antimicrobial substance with healing and anti-inflammatory properties. The formula of BEELIFE Spray Propolis contains honey, propolis and extracts of Brazilian medical plants. Despite the typical flavor the Propolis Spray BEELIFE is tasty, and helps relieve coughs, hoarseness, bad breath, mouth infections and sore throat.