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Antarctica Brazilian Guarana Soda 11.83 fl. oz (12 pack) - Guarana lata 350ml (12 unidades)

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Hmm, an ice-cold guarana… Guaraná Antarctica has a unique and unforgettable flavor. It is the companion of all hours, whether in the afternoon snack or Christmas dinner. Soda has a guaranteed space in Brazilian homes, and in the hearts of those who have tasted (and loved!) the taste of authentic guarana from Brazil.


It's no wonder that everyone loves Guaraná Antarctica. The soft drink is a favorite at birthday parties, weddings, and has a VIP entrance in bars, clubs and pubs. It's a staple of weekend walks and day-to-day activities at homes. And Guaraná Antarctica can is a real wild card, as it goes well both in the school lunch box and at the company meeting.< /span>

Guarana Antarctica has been manufactured in Brazil since 1921. The basis of the soft drink recipe is the guarana fruit. To ensure the quality of the product, since the 1970s Antarctica produces part of its raw material. The guarana used in the preparation of the drink comes from the guaranazeiros of the Amazon Forest, in Maués, a city close to Manaus.

The harvest is done, a pulp separation and seeds , at times this work is carried out handcrafted, similar to the wine production process.

Then the seeds are roasted, crushed and used in preparation of an extract concentrated. Then the magic of the ingredients is made. Finally, it is at the factory that the mixing with water and carbon dioxide takes place, its bottling, and labeling.

The soft drink has a yellowish color and a sweet flavor and aroma. The carbonation process makes the drink light and refreshing. The recipe has been kept secret for years. Thus, the unique flavor of Guaraná Antarctica is preserved from alteration.

A high quality soda, Result of a long history of excellence. Ready, now you can consume your Guaraná Antarctica can with double pleasure, enjoying its history and flavor.


Sparkling water, sugar, guarana extract, citric acid acidulant, preservatives: sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, flavoring and caramel coloring. Does not contain gluten.


9 months from date of manufacture.


Keep in a dry, clean, ventilated and odor-free place. Store away from the sun.


Preferably chilled.

Nutritional Information

Amount per serving (200ml) - 12 Servings

Energy Value 83 kcal
Carbs 20g
Sodium Sugars
Sugars 20g

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrea Andrade

O produto veio muito bem embalado e isso fez com que todas as latas chegassem sem danos. obigado

Luciana Redman
Amo guaraná antártica!

Recebi minha ordem com 1 dias. Super rápido bem embalado e com o mesmo gostinho de Brazil . 😘

Marla Moran

In my house only my son and I are from Brazil but everybody likes Guarana. Every time that I purchase goes away very fast. Everybody likes Guarana because is the best. Thanks Hi Brazil for have that piece of Brazil close to us.

Brenna Keller
Great selection / delicious food / prompt service

I’ve ordered a few times and I live in Missouri - but so far it’s the most prompt legit on-line Brazilian grocery store I’ve found. I’m Brazilian in US > 25 yrs and a little taste of home / sabor nostalgia is well worth the shipping. Everything comes well packed and intact and usually with a little extra thank you treat my kids love

Melinda Budavari
Excelente atendimento ( Great customer service)

Ótima seleção! Entrega rápida! Items bem embalados! (Se necessário, com freezer pack) Ótimo atendimento ao cliente - respostas quase de imediato sobre qualquer perguntas. É bom matar as saudades!!
Great selection! Fast delivery! Items well packed, (when necessary with freezer packs.) Easy communication - quick response to any questions. It's great to have a taste of Brazil easily accessible!!

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