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Antarctica Brazilian Guarana Diet Soda 12 fl. oz (12 pack) - Guarana Diet lata 355ml (12 unidades)

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The traditional taste of Guaraná Antarctica, only without sugar! How wonderful to be able to enjoy the taste of the beloved Original do Brasil soft drink in its diet version. Light, refreshing and with fewer calories, the formula of Guaraná Antarctica Diet Soda has the taste and aroma of the classic soft drink, in a healthier, sugar-free option. 


Guarana Antarctica Diet Soda is ideal to accompany meals, snacks and snacks, also goes very well for moments of refreshment and energy demand. This versatility is what makes the product available in all Brazilian homes, and also win the hearts of foreigners around the world.

Who doesn't like a good ice-cold Guarana Antarctica? Even more so if we are drinking without guilt, and even diabetics on duty can board this vessel. There's no mistake, everyone can delight in the unique and unforgettable flavor of the soda from Brazilian culture.

The palate recognizes the characteristics of the drink. Guaraná has been present in our lives for a long time, marking our stories with moments of joy and pleasure. Even being more recent, the zero sugar version came to show that we are together, despite so many singularities. 

And it's a fact: everyone loves the taste of Guaraná Antarctica. Soda is a guaranteed presence at birthdays, parties, meetings, outings and in people's daily lives. Its diet version is a great option for those who have restrictions on sugar consumption but don't want to be left out of shared events and meals.

A high quality soft drink, the result of a long history of excellence, providing options that meet all tastes and needs. You can consume your Guaraná Antarctica Diet Soda with pleasure, without guilt, at every moment of your life.


Sparkling water, guarana extract, citric acid acidulant, sweeteners, aspartame (34.8mg/100ml) and acesulfame potassium (9mg/100ml). preservatives: sodium benzoate, flavoring and caramel coloring. Does not contain gluten.


9 months from date of manufacture.


Keep in a dry, clean, airy and odor-free place. Store away from the sun.


Preferably chilled.

Nutritional Information

Amount per serving (200ml)

Energy value 

00 Kcal








Customer Reviews

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Rod Elder
Great Product

I lived in Brazil for awhile in late 90’s and got hooked on Guarana soda. It has a very distinct a refreshing flavor. Thankfully, it is available to me from the Hibrazil Market. I have have ordered form them several times and have always gotten swift service a quick deliveries. I will continue ordering my guaraná fix as long as I can from HiBrazil Market. Thank you for bringing back a little of my Brazilian experience.

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